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Ritual: Weddings and Betrothals

Sabrina and Victor's wedding -- The first legal wedding I conducted by myself (2006).

A variety of contemporary Pagan and earth-centered Christian liturgies can be found on my celebrancy website.

Rants and Essays

Promethea: Comics as Spiritual Tool -- Originally written as a contribution to the Promethea Annotations page. This version is slightly edited from the original. (2003)

29-Minute Essay on Religion -- Banged out on a whim for Plan II's Spring 2002 seminar, Perspectives on Religion.

Introduction to Cyborg Anthropology -- An introductory post to the subject on a discussion forum, and my first short essay for a Cyborg Anthropology class with Robbie Davis-Floyd. (2001)

Pagans and Christians: A Reconciliation -- Slightly edited from the version that appeared in the Summer 2001 issue of Accord, a Central Texas pagan magazine.

Justification for Anime Fandom -- My final essay for Susan Napier's course in Japanese Animation at UT. (2000)


Amazon and IMDB reviews.

Poetry and Drama

Poem Written in a Carrell -- Sometimes academia makes me feel like a brain on a stick. (2005)

Relearning the Delicate Art of the Love Letter -- (2004)

Untitled Semi-Villanelle -- you are the serpent, i am the tree. (2004)

Untitled Sonnet #3 -- Valentine's Day sonnet for John. (2004)

Slippage -- A short love poem with a water theme. (2001)

Perfect Match -- A dramatic monologue, performed as part of Poetic License, a production of the Broccoli Project. (1999)

Apocalypse -- An experimental dramatic vignette. (1998)

Untitled Sonnet #2 -- (1997)

Song for a Bottled Soul -- Free verse poetry. (1997)

Requiem for a Dead Cat -- Free verse poetry. (1997)

Untitled Sonnet #1 -- (1996)

Cooperative Storytelling

StoryMeme -- A cooperative storytelling venture with a a group that varied between 5 and 7 people. It took us approximately a year to write these fifty or so pages before we finally burned out. Unfinished. (1999-2000?)